Mission Statement
URPA has a Strong Heritage!

The Utah Recreation and Parks Association (URPA) has been serving the recreation and parks movement in the State of Utah since 1951. Over the past 54 years, URPA has sponsored 53 distinguished annual conferences bringing hundreds of professionals together in a format of educational classes, roundtable discussions, networking, and social interaction. We have also co-sponsored 15 Intermountain Leisure Symposiums with four major Utah universities. The symposiums have showcased innovative programs, research and practical activities and have attracted participation from around the nation. URPA believes that students are the future of the leisure profession. Each year, URPA awards three graduate scholarships and three undergraduate scholarships in the park and recreation field. URPA boasts 400 committed members. Small you say? Well we're proof that good things come in small packages. Our members represent every major recreation emphasis in the State. Our past presidents have come from the ranks of public parks and recreation, community schools, therapeutic recreation, education, State parks, the U.S. Forest Service, aquatics and commercial recreation. URPA publishes a professional magazine. One thousand copies of our URPA magazine, Leisure Insights, are distributed quarterly. URPA also provides a professional directory. URPA recently published a directory of speakers and their areas of expertise. Annual awards presented by URPA are prestigious and coveted. Senator Jake Garn was the recipient of our "Service to the Profession" award in 1991 and proudly accepted the award at our annual conference. URPA is a proud affiliate of NRPA. Over 200 Utahans are currently members of NRPA which is half of our membership. In 1997, URPA hosted the NRPA Congress in Salt Lake City. URPA is a proud sponsor of the Hershey Track and Field Program in Utah and has recently formed a partnership with the Utah Summer Games.

History of URPA

On May 11, 1951, twenty-three people vitally interested in the promotion of recreation in the State of Utah, met at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City and organized the Utah Recreation Society. In 1956, the name was changed to Utah Recreation and Parks Association. Presidents The first officers of the organization were: Glen Worthington, President; Wayne Simper, Vice President and President Elect; Paul S. Rose, Secretary and Treasurer. Directors were C. J. Hart, N.P. Nielson, H.B. Hunsaker, Ellis McAllister, Linn R. Rockwood, George Pherson and Ernest Shreeves

Our Mission

The mission of the Utah Recreation and Parks Association is to actively support and promote the growth, development and preservation of recreation, leisure, parks, and natural resources in the State of Utah. This will be accomplished through: a. Development of high standards of leadership, facilities and programs. b. Acquiring and disseminating accurate information. c. Promoting interest in and understanding of recreation and parks.. d. Acting as liaison with the National Recreation and Park Association as an affiliate member.